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Question Looking for english speaking teammates for hiking

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il y a 4 ans 10 mois #61882 par Marius
Hi everyone.
I'm new here. Since now I was working in France only from time to time ( I'm an engineer). I've just decided that I will stay here for a little bit longer. The problem is that I don't speak french (but started to learning it seriously). Now I'm staying south from the ´´Foret de Montmorency´´. I'm 29 BTW.
I have started hiking with french course on the headphones, but it would be nice to have someome to talk to... in English for a start. I need some time to learn french :P
I have free weekends, and free random days during the week depending on job tasks.
Besides the hiking things for a weekend I like long distance travels. I can't find the time to upgrade my private www, but you can look at my old thread at advrider to see what kind of guy I am ;)

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il y a 4 ans 8 mois - il y a 4 ans 8 mois #62172 par Fabien78
Hi Marius,

I saw your old thread at advrider, great.
Sometimes I hike in "Foret de Montmorency". This year I can't perform the " Boucle de 3 forêts " because i'll work all the week-end.
Sometimes I propose few hikes in this thead .
I don't pratice english everyday, I learnt it when I passed TOEIC few years ago ;-)

See you on the way,

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